Favorite Dance Memory: Probably making the final at our first competition. I look back on that fondly, remembering how nonchalant I was about it.

Favorite Dance Movie: White Christmas

Fun Facts: Gordon is a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Count of Monte Christo is the best book because it has everything! Pirates, revenge, parties, feasts, prison breaks, justice, and of course, true love.

Gordon Bratt

book with Gordon


Favorite Dance Memory: When Gordon & I were walking on the floor at one competition, everything suddenly went in slow motion and all of the rounds felt so easy and fun. I remember interacting with the audience and music, and of course, my partner. It was after months of traveling, coaching, and practicing hard, and when we walked off the floor, I knew it had been worth it.

Favorite Dance Movie: Strictly Ballroom

Fun Facts: Kate has written over 800 articles on dancing, is an amateur barista, and likes a pink so hot it burns your eyes.

Kate Bratt

book with Kate


Favorite Dance Memory:  I was teaching a group class when 2 of my students, (both introverted and both initially dragged into the studio by their wives a few months earlier) were giggling, holding hands and skipping down the dance floor like they were the best of friends! Not only were they forming better relationships with their spouses but it brought me so much joy that they felt comfortable enough to physically hold hands, laugh like children and make new and lasting friendships! Pretty sure those guys are still friends. 

Favorite Dance Movie: Shall We Dance (Japanese Version)

Fun Facts: Sci-Fi binge watcher, collects rocks and crystals, once wore a fancy trash bag, and chicken wire in a fashion show.

Jessica Restivo

book with Jessica


Favorite Dance Memory: Dancing Argentine tango at a Milonga in Mendoza, Argentina! I was on the dance floor with a partner and it was that magical moment when the dance started to click and I realized I was flying across the dance floor without having to overthink every step I took. It was exhilarating! 

Favorite Dance Movie: Shall We Dance (J. Lo Version)

Fun Facts: Former hand model, doesn’t get memes, and lived in Argentina for a year.

Julia Gay

book with Julia


Favorite Dance Memory: The time I was dancing cha cha with Clara at a competition and felt like I had time to have fun. The world felt slower and I took time to enjoy the music as we danced. It was wonderful.

Favorite Dance Movie: In The Heights

Fun Facts: Stemware aficionado, snowball fights are his favorite part of the year, and not a fan of tomatoes.

Emilio Alvarez

book with Emilio


Favorite Dance Memory: Attending my first ever competition in college! Seeing so many wonderful dancers sparkling in their costumes was so inspiring. It made me determined to join the wider ballroom community and I have yet to be disappointed. 

Favorite Dance Movie: Does Mamma Mia! count? No? Dirty Dancing! 

Fun Facts: Loves arts and crafts, ducks, hiking, skiing, and baking pies. Once won a jar of mustard at the National
Mustard Museum.

Ella Boyer

book with Ella


Favorite Dance Memory: Being the captain of my college’s ballroom team and watching newer dancers fall in love with the sport. 

Favorite Dance Movie: Does Moulin Rouge count? No? Dirty Dancing!

Fun Facts: Can clap with one hand. Loves a good game of pinochle. HUGE swiftie. Enjoys soccer, kayaking, baseball, camping, and bikepacking. Once ate an entire 12-pack of Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos tacos. 

Stuart Kraabel

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"My wife and I have been enjoying private lessons at Dancers Studio every week for more than 15 years and I’ve gone from being a hesitant 2-left feet guy, afraid to get on a dance floor, to a more confident dancer, looking forward to loads of laughter and superb instruction. Whether you’re a beginner or been ballroom dancing for a long time and just want to hone your technique, these are your people!""

- Leary

"Dancers Studio is a wonderful company. The owners and all the instructors are super friendly and accomplished in their own rights. After classes I always leave with a smile on my face."

- Curt w.

"I held an event at Dancers Studio for a group of young professionals. Everyone had so much fun! They talked about how they loved Kate's super enthusiastic style of instruction. Embracing dance has the potential to be awkward for a lot of young professionals, but after Kate's lesson, everyone simply accepted it as normal, which was awesome to see!" 


"Dancers Studio is an amazingly supportive dance studio. The instructors are lovely, affirming people who have helped me to move from a tripping old lady to a graceful budding dancer in just 12 weeks! I'm so glad I found Dancers Studio."

- Annette
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