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Quang Nguyen

Quang’s experience in dance spans about a decade, beginning with hip hop and transitioning to ballroom dance a few years later. Ever since he fell in love with ballroom dance styles in 2008, he has competed and performed at numerous competitions and showcases. Quang strives to “live to express” and helps his students to express themselves through exploring many different patterns so that students can mix and match to convey their interpretation of the music.

Quang and fellow Dancers Studio instructor, Paris Becker, perform an entertaining East Coast Swing to “Mercy Mercy” by Le Kid at the Dancers Studio 30th Anniversary / Winter Wonderland Showcase, Dec. 16, 2016.

Wedding dance choreographed by Quang for Linda Williams and her sisters performed on 8/29/16 in Cannon Beach, Oregon to a very surprised Bride, Groom and wedding guests. They were THE STARS of the night!!!

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