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Miriam Ziven

Miriam is a master teacher in Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires and abroad. Her igniting style has taken her through National Tours in Argentina, presentations for government organizations, International Theaters, Argentine Television, as well as sharing the stages with renowned stars of Argentine Tango, dance, theater and music. She has had invitations for exhibitions in notable and traditional dance locations of Argentina and the United States, and the list goes on. Miriam has had the honor of being principle dancer in several dance companies. Miriam continues to push boundaries in dance as expression and preserving its traditions and culture for future generations. Miriam has successfully taught workshops, tours, and academic courses that bring dance to people all over the world. Miriam follows the traditions of her teachers by instilling a strong safe foundation of techniques, which are beneficial and useful for all aspects in Social Dance, Athletics and Fitness. Miriam has had created amazing results training amateurs and professionals for national and international competitions and shows. Miriam has acquired degrees for study in Athletic Science and Training at the prestigious NEF in Argentina, Curriculum and Instruction from Indiana University, Bloomington, and Art and Music from Columbia College Chicago. She has a personal training certification from NASM and CFL1 as well as being CPR-AED certified.

Visit MiriamZiven.com to learn more about Miriam and her life, art, dance, music, teaching and training.

Miriam and dance partner Diego Lanau at the Argentine Tango USA Festival and USA Championships in April 2012.

Miriam Ziven Y Leo Sciuto
Verde Mar ‘- Carlos Di Sarli
El Torquato Tasso

Miriam Lea Ziven y Leo Sciuto
Fueron Tres Años
Orquesta Hector Varela

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