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Jeff Halverson

Jeff has been teaching at Dancers Studio since 1997. He enjoys all dance styles; he competed professionally in American Rhythm for several years and still competes with students to this day. Jeff loves teaching anyone who enjoys dancing as much as he does! By virtue of the dedication and consistency of his students, it is clear that Jeff is a knowledgeable and well-respected instructor. His students count on him to be punctual and attentive in his lessons. When Jeff is not busy in the studio, he enjoys the great outdoors, animals, swimming, and watching the Vikings play, even though he is originally from Wisconsin.

Jeff and fellow Dancers Studio instructor, Whitney Irene, awe the audience with their graceful Waltz at the Dancers Studio Winter Wonderland Showcase, Dec. 16th, 2016.

Jeff and his Dancers Studio student, Ligaya Carlos compete nationally as a Pro-Am couple. Here they are performing a sensual Rumba, “Tears On My Tuxedo” by Robin Thicke, at the Dancers Studio Winter Wonderland Showcase, Dec. 16th, 2016.

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