Dancers Studio Group Classes

Enjoy dancing in a social setting? You’ll discover new patterns, movements, and practice in a fun and controlled environment. Our beginning classes have plenty of people just starting out.  Want to jump into a higher level class? We’ll get you into the right one.  Talk to our friendly dance team about the best fit. 651.641.0777

Group Classes: $15/Class Drop-in
$120 for 10 classes ($12/class)
Weekly Practice Parties: $5 | Free when attending a class that evening
$150/mth unlimited group classes & weekly practice parties
        -Specialty classes and special event parties not included

         -Over 50 classes/month to choose from

Note: Intermediate and Advanced level classes require instructor approval before attending.

See Full Calendar
 Monday 7-8pm Intermediate International Standard** Nic Westlake
  7-8pm Beginning Country 2-Step Troy Lerum
  8-9pm Advanced American Ballroom** Jeff Halverson
Tuesday 7-8pm Beginning Salsa Cecilia Howard
  7-8pm Int/Adv American Ballroom & Social Dances** Troy Lerum
  8-9pm Beginning American Ballroom** (Progressive) Michael Kasinkas & Taylor Wall
  8-9pm Intermediate Salsa Troy Lerum
Wednesday 7-8pm Beginning West Coast Swing Whitney Irene
  7-8pm Advanced West Coast Swing Troy Lerum
  8-9pm Intermediate West Coast Swing Joel Torgeson
Thursday 6-7pm Beginning Argentine Tango Troy Lerum
  7-8pm Beginning American Ballroom/Social Dances** (2 dances/class) Cecilia Howard
  7-8pm Intermediate American Ballroom and Social Dances** Troy Lerum
1st, 3rd & 4th Thursday 8-9:30pm Variety Dance Party $5 Admission

All are invited

2nd Friday 8-9:30pm Variety Dance Party $5 Admission

All are invited

4th Friday 8-9:30pm West Coast Swing Party $5 Admission

All are invited

Saturday   By appointment only  
Sunday   By appointment only  

** See monthly dance calendar for specific dance being taught

*** Progressive – A new dance taught each month starting at the beginning and progressing through the month

Learn more about our exceptional unlimited group class bonus for Dancers Studio students enrolled in our private lesson programs by contacting one of our helpful studio staff to schedule your complimentary 25 minute private lesson and dance consultation today. We’ll design a personalized program that meets your dance goals and fits your budget.

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Check out our Beginning Salsa class Tuesday nights at 7:00pm. Intermediate class meets at 8:00pm. Come join us!

Have a question? Want to learn more? Our studio is open Mon-Fri 10am-10pm and weekends by appointment. We are also available by phone at 651.641.0777  or email us at by completing the fields below.