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Dancers Studio Dance Parties

Dress up, mingle, and work on your moves at our vivacious variety dances. There’s plenty of space for you on our big, beautiful dance floor. Peek in the door at one of our Variety Dances and Guest Nights caught on video recently. Then pop over to our calendar of events and make plans to join us.  Only $5 or free when you come to a Thursday-night group class

Dancers Studio Full Calendar of Events

Our variety dance parties are a big hit at the studio.  It’s the time to take those moves you’ve learned in a group class or a private lesson and give them a spin out on the dance floor.

New to the dancing world? Feeling shy about showing up unannounced at a group class?  Our regular FREE guest nights might be just the thing for you.  Our fun and energetic instructors love making newcomers welcome, all the while teaching three dances throughout the party.  Our dance instructors got the crowd going with this fun take on the classic Tango promenade.

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